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Located in the heart of a little country town called Gloucester, you'll find our warm and welcoming club with friendly staff and a great atmosphere. Gloucester RSL Club first opened October 31, 1952. In 2001, renovations were undertaken to make the building accessible with an automatic chair lift, ramps, lifts both inside and outside the building. Our RSL has hosted many functions including but not limited to formals, balls, award ceremonies, meeting, fundraisers and more! The function room is currently undergoing renovations and we look forward to welcoming you there once again. Over the years, many public facilities such as the Gloucester Soldiers Memorial Hospital, Kimbarra Lodge, Ambulance Station, the Helicopter Appeal and many others have all benefited from donations from the Club. The Club has also sponsored many sport clubs in the Gloucester district from hockey to soccer, rugby league and union, and more! 


Our Team of Directors

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